6 Best Indoor Mosquito Traps - Most Effective Home Mosquito Traps

2022-08-26 19:16:08 By : Ms. Joyce Wu

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Mosquito season is coming: prepare now.

There are plenty of joys of summer: days by the water, mornings in the garden, fresh produce. But there's also one huge downside: pests. And there's no pest quite as annoying as mosquitos. Between the biting and the buzzing, mosquitos create more than enough annoyance to drive even the calmest person crazy in the heart of summer, so any indoor-friendly way to eliminate them is welcome in our homes.

Quite a few products exist to trap and control mosquitos, but if you're putting something in your home, then you'll want it to be as discreet and harmless as possible. We prefer sticky paper or UV lights when it comes to indoor mosquito traps. They're effective, don't have chemicals, and are usually almost invisible. Of course, the larger your home is, you'll need bigger or more traps, but these selections are about as out-of-sight-out-of-mind as it gets. Did we mention how effective these are, as well? We've only selected products that either get our personal seal of approval or are highly rated by customers.

Of course, the best way to get rid of mosquitoes inside your house is to heed mosquito prevention tactics that stop them from coming inside to begin with. This could include getting rid of standing water near your home, buying an outdoor bug zapper, adding plants that naturally repel mosquitos to your landscape, and possibly spraying your yard or the perimeter of your home. But these indoor mosquito traps will help control any that do manage their way inside.

While the most pricey on our list, DynaTrap's half-acre mosquito trap offers some great features for the money. A warm UV light interacts with the coating to emit CO2, mimicking breath to lure the blood-sucking pests. A quiet fan sucks them into a receptacle, which you can easily twist off and dump when full. Plus, the durable all-weather construction of this model is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The replaceable bulb lasts about 4 months—long enough to get you through the season. It also traps flies, wasps, gnats, and other flying insects.

One look at the "after" photos offered by satisfied reviewers of this nifty trap, and you'll be sold. (And also maybe scarred for life.) With more than 32,000 five-star ratings, this UV-based killer claims to work by luring mosquitoes in with light, sucking them in with a quiet fan, and then trapping them, along with gnats and fruit flies, on sticky glue boards. Still, the manufacturer says that it's less effective when it comes to larger house flies, so take that into consideration. It comes with 4 glue boards, but eventually you'll need to order more.

This contraption's manufacturer claims it's the strongest zapper on the market "by far." And if mosquitoes are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your pest problems, you'll be glad to know this one catches all flying insects. Take note: This is a zapper, so when it catches a bug, you'll hear it.

Inserted in potted soil, these sticky traps are designed to catch flying varieties of houseplant pests, like fungus gnats and whiteflies. However, the super-sticky glue will also nab any mosquitoes that land on it (mosquitoes aren't attracted to houseplants per se, but they might be drawn to excess moisture, such as standing water in a drainage dish). You can also place these traps near a light to catch other flying bugs, or in a garbage can or near a bowl of fruit to nab fruit flies.

This handy little trap plugs right in to any outlet and protects for 600 square feet while taking up no more space than a nightlight. It also includes two outlets on the side, so you don't have to worry about losing one after plugging this in. Along with mosquitoes, it also traps fruit flies, house flies, and moths. It comes with 3 disposable glue traps, but eventually you'll need to re-up. The original bulb will need replacing after about 4 months.

This sconce-style trap doesn't take up room on your counters—a feature users love. It only covers up to 900 square feet, so you might want to consider purchasing two depending on the size of your home. The mirrored interior multiplies the UV light illumination by up to 3 times, so this guy is small but mighty for sure. Once the mosquitoes are lured inside, they're trapped on a disposable glue board (6 boards are included, but you'll eventually need more). For a different look, it's also available in black and natural wood.