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2022-09-09 18:57:31 By : Ms. Helen H

Korea International Trade Association and the Ministry of SMEs and Startups showcase their products

CYPRESS, Calif., Dec. 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Korea International Trade Association (KITA) and the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS) have decided to launch an online exhibition of innovative Made-In-Korea products in Tradekorea.com. This online exhibition aims to restore the economy of the international market that suffered due to COVID-19. This exclusive exhibition will grant the Korean sellers the opportunity to showcase their products to foreign consumers.

The exhibition is divided into six categories, and Korea is known for excelling in each of these six categories with exceptional technology and skills. The Korean company's particular knowledge in these fields allows them to specialize in unique and creative products in each market.

IZ-33A Electric Cold Fogger ULV Sprayer

IZ-33A Electric Cold Fogger ULV Sprayer, developed by IZ-FOG Co., is a next-generation spray created for the purpose of disinfection and pest control. The spray is designed optimal for gardening and sterilizing various locations where harmful infection may occur. Most common places that can benefit from the spray includes houses, apartments, hospitals, buildings, horse stables, livestock stalls, factories, and warehouses.

The spray possesses 10 times the work efficiency than Air Pressure Sprayer. The efficiency is achieved through the ULV Spray technology. The ULV tech is capable of granting the user satisfaction and convenience at the same time. ULV Sprayer is also economical as the amount of the disinfectant sprayed can be managed and controlled by adjusting the control valve to prevent any unnecessary consumption of the chemical.

Youngjin Flex Flexible Sprinkler Hose, developed by Youngjin Flex Co., Ltd, is an equipment that serves its purpose in firefighting. The sprinkler can be easily installed for use. Flexible sprinkler drops connecting the branch line adapter nipple to the sprinkler head and nuts on each end of the stainless steel flexible hose makes the whole process of assembly and installation simple. The sprinkler reducer connected to the head and ceiling secures the sprinkler drop system to the ceiling grid as well.

The materials consisting of the flexible hose are corrosion resistant with 304 grade stainless steel applied. Heavy or special equipment for installation are not necessary as the flexible sprinkler drops eliminates pipe wastage, saving the cost and effort associated with installation. Eliminating the effort and labor needed in the traditional methods of installing a sprinkler drop, the flexibility allows the sprinkler to be bent and maneuvered freely in congested spaces.

There are plenty more distinctive products, for each category, that can be discovered on the website. In accordance with KITA and MSS, many prolific Korean companies are overflowing with new ideas and technology to continuously replenish the demand for the evolving market. Rapid growth of sales throughout the website is expected in the future along with the escalation of traffic inflow. The exhibition proposes to drive a new aspiration for the Korean companies in the international market.

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