Virus/Disinfection Sprayer Disinfection Channel Temperature Monitoring Disinfection Channel Thermometer

Mobile Intelligent Temperature Mesurement and Disinfection Channel TypeHT300-1Intelligent temperature measurement and disinfection channelWorking voltage220V/ACWeight200KGWorking noiseUnder 36dBWorking environment0-35ºCSize230*116*200Type of disinfectantFood gradeRated power450WInner channel size188*102*180Disinfection

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Mobile Intelligent Temperature Mesurement and Disinfection Channel

Temperature Monitoring Sanitizing Disinfection Tunnel for Virus/ Sanitizing Sprayer Machine Disinfection Tunnel with Thermometer
TypeHT300-1Intelligent temperature measurement and disinfection channel
Working voltage220V/ACWeight200KGWorking noiseUnder 36dB
Working environment0-35ºCSize230*116*200Type of disinfectantFood grade
Rated power450WInner channel size188*102*180Disinfection tank capacity25L
Induction modeFar-infraredBody temperature collection position Forehead, wrist (contactless)Body temperature collection distance0-60CM
Measurement modeDot matrixResolution32*32Thermometric samplingMultipoint
Operating systemHT2.0Monitor26.67cmWater pumpself-priming
detection time≤1scollection accuracy± 0.2 ºCPersonalized customizationSize, color, logo
Intelligent voice promptEnglishHeight adjustable probeManual

Product Superiority

1. Infrared body temperature measurement. Sound and light alarm
Using a high-precision infrared spectrum sensor, Factory configuration with a black body radiation source with high accuracy. It can measure body temperature without contact at a long distance and can effectively avoid cross infection.
Normal temperature green light prompts; temperature overheat alarm prompts.

2. Dot matrix temperature measurement, high speed and convenient
Face multi-point sampling, dot matrix temperature measurement, 32 * 32 resolution, fast temperature measurement speed, greatly improve the equipment work efficiency.

3.  Intelligent operating system and monitor
Touch screen operation interface, HT-2.0 operating system. People flow statistics function, alarm recording function, free upgrade system life-long, reserved for expandable modules.
The body temperature display can adjust the seasonal temperature difference and can display the human body temperature more accurately.

4. Hand wash smart spray disinfection
The temperature measurement area is equipped with an intelligent induction sprayer, non-contact induction spraying, safe and hygienic, and can effectively sterilize the hands.

5. Automatically ultrasonic fog out, stopping when people leave.
The equipment  is equipped with a microwave sensor, which can sense that someone enters, start the fog making machine automatically, spray disinfectant into the channel, and automatically stop to avoid liquid waste after leaving.

6. Equalizing spray box, not damaging facial organs.
In the disinfection channel, a balanced spray method is adopted, which does not spray directly on the human facial organs. The mist is thinner and does not cause waste.

7. Equipment status reminder function
       The equipment has status reminders such as work, lack of liquid, alarm, etc. so that the equipment management staff can accurately grasp the operation status of the equipment.
8. Automatic fluid filling function
       The equipment is equipped with a large capacity liquid storage tank with liquid alarm function to avoid damage to the atomization equipment due to lack of liquid, and the atomization tank is automatically filled with liquid and stops automatically, which can meet the daily usage.
9. External ramp footboard
       Antiskid footboard is set at the entrance and exit of the equipment, which is convenient for the elderly, children, wheelchair and travelling personnel to and fro.
10. Lighting auxiliary function
       Fully considering the use of different scenes, the channel is equipped with LED Waterproof light, which can be used at night or in a dark Place.
11. Quick layout and transfer function
       There are four casters and brakes at the bottom of the equipment, which can quickly arrive at the designated place for quick installation. The equipment uses 220V household alternating current, and the power is less than 800W, so the installation is simple and fast. It only needs to connect the socket and fill in the disinfectant, without the installation and debugging of professional personnel, and the operation is simple, easy to learn and understand.
12. Personalized customized service
       Provide customized service according to customer's site requirements.

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